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Divorce mediation can be challenging without the right people behind you, and it can be more challenging if you are a woman. If you have decided that mediation is the route you want to go for your divorce, the Divorce Financial Mediation Package offered by Women’s Financial Wellness Center – a highly skilled, all-female team – can give you multiple advantages during the process! Our package will help you show up to every mediation session prepared and confident, give you the tools you need to avoid being steamrolled in meetings, educate you on how to handle negotiations and disagreements, enable you with the right questions to ask, and offer you insights on potential solutions from financial experts and vetted divorce professionals. We want to give you a strong voice during divorce mediation!

Our Divorce Financial Mediation Package For Women Includes:

  • Scheduling of meetings with up to two interviews with mediators (if not already selected)
  • Accessing potential limited scope attorneys
  • Helping gather and organize financial documents
  • Completing financial disclosure statement
  • Creating a current and post-divorce budget to help with lifestyle negotiations
  • Reviewing and analyzing of the property division worksheet with multiple scenarios
  • Reviewing the marital settlement agreement for financial-related details and clarity
  • Wrap-up session to create a post-divorce action plan
  • And pick up to two of the following:
  • Attendance at mediation sessions (up to 90 minutes each)
  • 1:1 strategy session with client to prepare for and/or debrief from mediation meetings
  • Add-on options:
  • Financial Disclosure Statement prep for spouse (if each party would like to prepare and submit their own)
  • Additional in-person or virtual mediation sessions that go beyond the scope of the package (billed hourly)
  • Attendance at trial (billed hourly)

As seen on:

“I was able to gain confidence in my financial knowledge and abilities. I learned how to budget and it helped ease the fear of the unknown. “

“My anxiety over financial-related issues was drastically reduced because I knew I had professional support.”

“There was a lot less stress. There was a clear plan made. WFWC had all of the contacts that I needed to make this an easier process. I believe that I received at least 50% more than I anticipated”

Rhonda Noordyk, CDFA®, CDS™

Founder & CEO

Understanding that divorce can be a complicated and painful journey, Rhonda Noordyk left the financial industry in 2014 to pursue her passion of helping women achieve financial justice in their divorce. She hoped to offer a different kind of divorce experience; one that lead to empowering moments and living a happy and fulfilled life, post-divorce. Cue the Women’s Financial Wellness Center! Designed to help women find a better way to maintain financial wellness throughout and after a woman’s divorce, Rhonda uses her knowledge, passion, and experience to build leading-edge strategies that help her clients stay three steps ahead at all times. With the intention to create a safe place for women – especially those in a vulnerable position – to find their paths, their voices, and the financial confidence they need to lift themselves out of seemingly hopeless situations, Rhonda works to change the narrative of her clients’ divorce experiences. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and lost in the process, Rhonda works to develop strategies that help women move through and out of their marriage into a new life filled with endless possibility. With a vision to open Women’s Financial Wellness Center branches throughout the country, Rhonda hopes to help even more women figure out what is best for themselves and their families. In April 2020, Rhonda and her team opened a second location in Madison, WI. They are currently in the process of opening five more locations to reach even more women and assist them in realizing their financial goals. Since starting the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, Rhonda has successfully alleviated financial vulnerability for thousands of women. In addition to being the Founder & CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center, Rhonda hosts a podcast called Divorce Conversations for Women. Her dynamic and inspirational style leaves women with a sense of empowerment.

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