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The Women’s Financial Wellness Center Is Here To Help Women Level The Playing

Our Mission Is To Prepare You For Mediation So You Achieve An Equitable Settlement!

Mediation is a proven alternative to divorce that can help women mitigate expenses associated with a traditional divorce. However, women who aren’t prepared often get steamrolled and bullied during mediation, and end up accepting bad deals that impact their financial wellness for decades. We don’t want to see this happen to you! That’s why our goal is to give you the information, resources, and personalized coaching you need to show up to your mediation sessions in control. When you work with the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, you can feel confident knowing that your financial future will be the best it can be!

Going through a divorce is hard emotionally, and negotiating finances can feel downright brutal. We help you understand your options and what the divorce mediation process is like so that you can make the best decisions possible from a place of clarity! Our experts work with either individual women or couples alongside a vetted attorney who helps both parties come to a fair agreement on all aspects of the divorce. WFWC offers more than just mediation services, though – we offer access to a community of encouraging, thriving women who have been through what you are going through and who can support you during this difficult time. Call today to book a free strategy session and learn more about how we can help you!

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“The Women’s Financial Wellness Center has been a valuable part of my mediation team. They helped me show up to every meeting prepared, organized and confident. I not only felt empowered but I was also able to have a voice at the table which ultimately resulted in a better outcome. I can’t even imagine going through this without WFWC.”


“The value that Rhonda provided was amazing. She quickly gained the respect of the attorneys and the mediator. She came into the mediation prepared and she was also able to think on her feet. Her approach was humble, confident and assertive. Her involvement saved me time and money! And, I got a settlement that I feel good about as I begin the next chapter.”


“Chassidy helped me and my husband work through the financial aspects of our situation. She was helpful, resourceful and fair. Her style was respectful and collaborative. It was so empowering to know that we had a financial expert throughout our divorce mediation process.”


Rhonda Noordyk, CDFA®, CDS™

Founder & CEO

Understanding that divorce can be a complicated and painful journey, Rhonda Noordyk left the financial industry in 2014 to pursue her passion of helping women achieve financial justice in their divorce. She hoped to offer a different kind of divorce experience; one that lead to empowering moments and living a happy and fulfilled life, post-divorce.

Cue the Women’s Financial Wellness Center! Designed to help women find a better way to maintain financial wellness throughout and after a woman’s divorce, Rhonda uses her knowledge, passion, and experience to build leading-edge strategies that help her clients stay three steps ahead at all times. With the intention to create a safe place for women – especially those in a vulnerable position – to find their paths, their voices, and the financial confidence they need to lift themselves out of seemingly hopeless situations, Rhonda works to change the narrative of her clients’ divorce experiences.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and lost in the process, Rhonda works to develop strategies that help women move through and out of their marriage into a new life filled with endless possibility. With a vision to open Women’s Financial Wellness Center branches throughout the country, Rhonda hopes to help even more women figure out what is best for themselves and their families. In April 2020, Rhonda and her team opened a second location in Madison, WI. They are currently in the process of opening five more locations to reach even more women and assist them in realizing their financial goals. Since starting the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, Rhonda has successfully alleviated financial vulnerability for thousands of women.

In addition to being the Founder & CEO of The Women’s Financial Wellness Center, Rhonda hosts a podcast called Divorce Conversations for Women. Her dynamic and inspirational style leaves women with a sense of empowerment.

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